Security & Visual monitoring

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A Smart alarm that works with you and your lifestyle

Our smart alarms interact with you as much or as little as you want. How refreshing it that!

A simple to use alarm with all the features you expect from one of the world leading intruder alarm companies

Each installation comes with 3 years monitoring, 3 years servicing and 3 years warranty

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Security Features:

Full or Partial Set

Our alarm enables you to have a full set, part set and partitions that allow you to keep sections armed while you go about your daily routine

Visual Notifications

Receive live visual notifications and recordings to your smart devices

Panic Button

Have a panic button on your smart device. Push the panic button on your phone and trigger the alarm.  Have your lights linked too so they flash! 

Easy to Use 

Simplicity is at the heart of what we do. With a clever traffic light system to show the status of your alarm and easy to access notifications, it's child play

Child Friendly

A child friendly smart system allows for extra security access options. Our smart sensors also know when you're in the house (and which room you're in!)

Prevent False Alarms

Easy programming options can eliminate  false alarms and annoy your neighbours

Using your Alarm to check on your business or home

With no limit on how many smart alarms you install, you can always keep a track of them in one simple smart app. And don't worry if there's no activity on your app for 60 seconds it will ask for your panel pin. For extra security it can ask for the password as well!

With visual verification you can see who's at your door.
Business owners can give each employee their own pin and password and grant access to specific employees to specific areas

Heat & Smoke Sensors

Our heat & smoke sensors allow you to continue cooking whether you burn the toast or not!

With remote monitoring and smart lights you're always at home even when you're not!

Our smart alarms offer  ‘passive monitoring’ options to help you keep an eye on your loved ones without disturbing them or invading their privacy

You can receive alerts and notifications and take the appropriate action

Soteria UK can be used in a variety of assisted living applications, from elderly relatives to those with disabilities. Get in touch to find out more.

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