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listen to your favourite music in any room (even when they're listening to theirs)

Multi-room audio and visual entertainment 

Our smart entertainment allows you to play music and or tv in different rooms at the same time!
Audio books, radio, your favourite songs and programmes. All connected yet in your own spaces (and with our smart system you can limit viewing time too)

System Features:

Multi room

Multi room allows you to listen or watch different things at the same time. Individual family members can save their favourite music too

Movie Time

Watch your favourite movie or programme in any room in the house. With smart home just one press of a button and the lights, curtains and heating will change to your pre-defined settings

Easy To Use

With everything under one easy to use app  your perfect entertainment is at a push of a button

Access to the system from cheap motrin 800mg anywhere in your home

Home Cinema

Whatever your style we can help you plan a system that works around you and your family 

From a family room .....

A dedicated audio and visual system ....

...To a full cinema room.

We can cater for every budget!

Our smart home allows you to use your audio system as an alarm by playing disorientating sounds that follow the intruder 

Take your music outside 

With a variety of sound systems from leading brands like Sonos, Denon and Morpheus

We can create your own music oasis 

Let's Discuss your Smart Entertainment project

Need to discuss your specific requirements? Or just need a human voice to talk to? Contact us now and we can talk through everything you need