Energy Management

Take Control of your home's Energy 

turn on heating and lights at the touch of a button. Our smart features can learn your patterns and do it for you! 

Multi level control of your heating 

Our smart energy management can give you simple control of your heating. From controlling your home's thermostat, individual radiator valves to learning your usage patterns. We can also integrate with Nest and other brands. 

System Features:

Multi room

Select which rooms you want to heat, how warm and for how long

Reduce Bills

By controlling your heating and lights you can expect a reduction in your costs. As we can also integrate with Nest & other brands you can be confident that you're not wasting your money 

Easy To Use

Everything in one easy to use app. It's that simple

Doing your part for the planet by reducing your carbon footprint

Lights, Action....

From a simple single room to a complete rewire, we can help you design & control all your lights

Our smart home alarm allows you to use your lights as another deterrent and disorientating feature. Flashing lights will also alert neighbours 

Outdoor lights are under your control

Create a warm atmosphere outside your home with beautifully fitted lights

Let's Discuss your Smart Energy Management project

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